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Food, Service, Centerpieces Only
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Drop Off Service Only(not offered at FOP Lodge 89)
What Type of Centerpieces would you like to quoted for (if it applies)
Basic - $15per centerpiece and up
Themed - $35per centerpiece and up
Basic Fresh Floral - $65per centerpieces and up
Elegant Fresh Floral - $100per centerpiece and up
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Traditional Chair Covers w/ sash
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Silver or Gold Chaivari Chairs
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Cocktail Reception (Server Assisted)
Sit Down Plated Full Service
Sit Down Plated & Buffet Reception
Sit Down Plated & Cocktail Reception
Buffet & Cocktail
All Three
Drop Off Service Only
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Upgraded Disposables (a.k.a. look a like china)
Classic Clear Plastic Disposables
No Diningware Needed, Client will provide
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